LAS VEGAS, NV – Josiah LaRow, 7-year resident of Nevada, is throwing his hat in the ring for Nevada State Assembly District 20. This is Josiah’s first official foray into politics and has been inspired by the situation that has engulfed our nation over the last 5 years. Josiah spent 5 ½ years working with the American Cancer Society in Las Vegas to raise funds and awareness in the fight against cancer. During this time, he became more and more concerned about the direction of our city, state and country.

Politicians promise everything and deliver nothing but rhetoric, higher taxes, and no results. Josiah described why he is running by saying: “Politicians don’t really want to solve problems, because if they did, they wouldn’t be able to rile up their voter base, raise money, or give those great speeches they like to give”. It is time to actually get to work, fight the ever-increasing infringements of our rights, and find real solutions to the problems that Nevadans face every day.

Those that know Josiah will tell you that he is a genuine person that wants only the best for everyone. He always looks for ways to work with those around him and respects everyone, regardless of whether or not they agree philosophically.

Josiah is tired of seeing elected officials failing to stand up for the people, choosing instead to bow to party politics or self-aggrandizement. Our community is made up of an amazing array of individuals with unique skills, experiences, and dreams. Regardless of where a person may fall on the socioeconomic spectrum, they deserve the opportunity to succeed. Josiah believes that the best way to ensure that is not more government spending but getting the state out of the way so that our neighbors can pursue their passions.

Josiah LaRow will work to eliminate the barriers that have been put in the way of our neighbors that prevent them from the success that they are more than able to achieve. He will fight to ensure that the children of Nevada are able to receive the best education possible. Josiah firmly believes in the capabilities of his neighbors to know what is best for them. He is confident that prosperity is within reach for everyone if only the government gets out of the way.

For Immediate Release, April 13, 2022